Count Duckula and his servants have decided to visit the funfair, and soon visit a ride on a roller-coaster which can take them back and forward in time, where they see things such as the first vampire, a future ruled by vegetables, the French Revolution, and trouble hits in the most garish of ways when the conductor of the roller-coaster says that he will leave Duckula and Igor back in time to marry Nanny.

Background Music Pieces

  • "Vamp Till Ready" by Wally Asp

Voice Cast

  • David Jason as Count Duckula, the Potato, the Cucumber and the Swede
  • Jack May as Igor and the Turnip
  • Brian Trueman as Nanny, the Peapod, the Tomato, the Prehistoric Vampire and Dimitri the Bat
  • Jimmy Hibbert as Sviatoslav the Bat, Dr. Fazakerly Tyme, The Corn-Cob, Onion #1, the Garlic, the Turnip, the French Courtier, French Guard and the Carrot
  • Barry Clayton as the Narrator


  • The episode marks the only appearance of Dr. Fazakerly Tyme in the series